FIA Nexus

Analytical module FIA Nexus
FIA Nexus - The compact analyzer - flexibly applicable for all FIA methods.
  • FIA Nexus combines proven technology with a new 5-cm-photometer and latest control electronics.
  • The method units are easy and quick to change within a few minutes.
  • Thus, FIA Nexus allows the sequential measurement of different parameters in the case of low sample volumes.
  • For a high sample throughput several FIA Nexus can be operated in parallel. From the same sample, several parameters are then determined simultaneously with a run.
  • The basic unit is equipped with a 6-channel reagent pump. For the implementation of complex processes with digestion or enrichment, a second pump and digestion components can be integrated. These can also be retrofitted later.
  • Our universal method unit combines the basic parameters for analysis of water samples: ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, ortho-phosphate.
  • Measurement of summary parameters total nitrogen and total phosphorus content in water samples or extracts can be carried out due to implementation of a digestion unit.
  • The parameters free and total cyanide content can be quickly measured with the cyanide analyzer.