Universal Method Unit

FIA Universal Method Unit
The Universal method unit enables the determination of the basic parameters nitrate, nitrite, ammonium and orthophosphate. It already facilitates the analysis of these analytes compared to the much more time-consuming manual methods in many laboratories. The determination of these parameters can be carried out one after the other without changing the system. The change between the parameters to be measured can be done quickly and easily by switching valves located on the method unit. The Universal method unit is particularly recommended for laboratories with low sample throughput.  
Measurement ranges of individual parameters:
Ammonia 0,1 - 50 mg/l NH4-N DIN EN ISO 11732
0,02 - 20 mg/l NH4-N wide range
Nitrite 0,01 - 10 mg/l NO2-N DIN EN ISO 13395
Nitrate 0,02 - 30 mg/l NO3-N DIN EN ISO 13395
Orthophosphate 0,02 - 20 mg/l o-PO4-P DIN EN ISO 15681